Collect+ project results have been published on the website under the section: "La Campagne: outils de communication". You can find here Layman's report After-LIFE Communication Plan Final project report as well as various communication tools developed during the project.

EU Green Week (June 4-7 2013, Brussels)

Collect+ has been selected to man an exhibition stand within EU Green Week 2013. During the Week, Collect+ team will be at the disposal of all interested parties to share our experience and answer all questions. Our communication tools will be exposed and generously distributed. We are also preparing some small gifts for the ones who will demonstrate their high awareness of the area of recycling. See you at the EU Green Week!

News: Collect + in the January 2013 News of DG Environment

Project results

The first campaign took place in 400 hypermarkets and supermarkets of Casino chain in November 2012. TNS Sofres research institute interviewed more than 700 clients in the exit of the markets during the second weekend of the operation and here are the results:

Positive impact: 31% of the clients in hypermarkets and 25% in supermarkets saw at least one element of the campaign compared to the average of 20% of similar operations according to the studies of Sofres. Almost everyone who saw visual supports declared to have read the containing information;

Our communication tools are appreciated: 78% of the interviewed public liked the operation (compared to the average of 70% for other similar operations studied by Sofres). Our communication tools were described as clear, attractive and complete;

Effective animations: 94% of Casino clients read or had an intention to read the distributed information kits. Animations increase attractiveness of the campaign and make clients discuss about it afterwards (67%);

Motivation for recycling: 86% of the clients who have seen the campaign are keen to recycle more. This score reached 94% among the clients who participated in animations!

Finally, 98% of Casino clients applaud the collection of the WEEEs (used products) in super and hypermarkets!

In 2013 Casino group keeps realizing its initiative of more and better recycling. From March 27th to April 6th 2013, a new information campaign will be put in place in view to inform the consumers about the importance of the recycling.

Collect+ First Web Conference (23/01/2013)

Collect+ project team-members organized first open web conferences on January 13th (in french) and 23rd (in english), 2013 to present the project and its primary results to all interested parties. The presentations were followed by Q&A sessions. We invite those who could not participate in the conference to consult the presentation here on-line.

Collect+ team-members remain at your disposal for any further question. If you don’t want to miss your chance to participate in the upcoming conferences, please, send us your interest manifestation now, and you will be contacted soon!

Summary of the project

The COLLECT+ project has been supported by the European Commission under its program dedicated to environment: LIFE+. LIFE+ "information and communication" is cofinancing the COLLECT+ project to set up communication and information activities to tackle one of the major environmental problems with direct impact on both the environment and human health: waste and resource efficiency.

More particularly, the project will focus on 5 kind of used products:

- Batteries

- Small electronic and electrical equipments

- Mobile phones

- Ink catridges

- Light bulbs

The project aims at developing communication and information campaigns on waste management (focusing on the targeted products) with the participation of 400 CASINO stores. These campaigns will to encourage consumers to collect waste and return it to the appropriate boxes at their disposal within the stores for a more efficient recycling.


The project is targeting 8 milion consumers whithin the French territory. All along the duration of the project and, more specifically, during the two main communication campaigns, consumers will be informed on the impact of a good waste management on both the environment and their health.

Today only one third of electrical and electronic waste in the European Union is reported as separately collected and appropriately treated; the project is targeting to raise by 25% the actual collecting rate of the targeted waste within all the stores participating in the project.

Project objectives

Promoting better waste management for a more efficient use of resources

The COLLECT + project will contribute to the long-term EU objective of transforming Europe into a recycling economy aiming at using recycled waste as a new resource. A better waste management reduces the negative impacts on environment and health which are due to air, soil and water emissions as well as greenhouse emissions from waste disposal. More importantly, it participates in the management of sustainable resources since beyond recycling, resource efficiency and substitution also play a part in easing the dependence on primary raw materials and import.

Increasing consumer awareness in the area of waste management

Waste management is one of the major concerns for Europe. However, European citizens are unaware of the importance of waste management and its effects on both the environment and their health. COLLECT + project will provide them with all the necessary information to deepen their understanding of waste management. The messages developed and tested during the campaigns will be accessible to all the consumers of the CASINO stores participating in the project. They will be largely spread among the 400 stores participating in the project. In the long term, the COLLECT + project aims at changing consumers behavior making them collect and return more systematically their waste to the appropriate boxes.

Increasing waste collection

The implementation of the information and communication campaigns as well as the installation of new sorting bins in the 400 stores participating in the COLLECT + project will enable consumers to return a large quantity of waste.

The consortium is gathering

Distribution Casino France (Coordinator)

Subsidiary of the Casino Group in charge of all the Casino stores within the French territory. As the coordinator, DCF will manage and supervise the entire project and will be responsible for the set up of the communication and information campaigns within the 400 stores participating.

Casino Services

Is a subsidiary of the Casino Group. Under its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) department, Casino Service is responsible for the external communication of the project.


Subsidiary of the Casino Group is in charge of the development and spreading of training activities within the project.

Active Sustainable

Is a Brussels based NGO dedicated to promote sustainable development through the implementation of networks to provide information, knowledge and experience sharing at all society levels. Active Sustainable is responsible for the implementation of the project website and will assist the partners in the dissemination activities.

Life +

LIFE is the EU’s financial instrument supporting environmental and nature conservation projects throughout the EU.

In 2012, LIFE celebrates its 20th anniversary!

The general objective of LIFE is to contribute to the implementation, updating and development of EU environmental policy and legislation by co-financing pilot or demonstration projects with European added value.

LIFE + runs from 2007-2013 and has a budget of €2.143 billion.

The program is divided into three components:

LIFE+ Nature & Biodiversity: it co-finances best practice or demonstration projects that contribute to the implementation of the Birds and Habitats Directives and the Natura 2000 network. In addition, it will co-finance innovative or demonstration projects that contribute to the implementation of the objectives of Commission Communication (COM (2006) 216 final) on "Halting the loss of biodiversity by 2010 – and beyond".

LIFE+ Environment Policy & Governance: it aims at contributing to the implementation, updating and development of European Union environmental policy and legislation. It supports innovative and demonstration projects (the development of innovative policy ideas, technologies, methods and instruments.)

LIFE+ Information & Communication: it supports projects related to communication and awareness raising campaigns on environmental, nature protection or biodiversity conservation issues, as well as projects related to forest fire prevention (awareness raising, special training).


avec le soutien de la Commission européenne

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